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UPVC windows have the features of good appearance. UPVC Profile systems are built with smooth surfaces and properly welded cornors. The profile colour will not turn yellow or fade after a few years of use. UPVC windows have nearly unlimited scope for designing individual solution in style, opening operation, shape and size. Such as swing, sliding, outward opening, casement, top hung or side hung, modern tilt and turn designs.

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Excellent Air Tightness

Since all gaps on UPVC window are equipped with soft PVC sealing strip, so the air tightness function is excellent. When indoors installing air conditioning, compared with aluminium window UPVC window can make the air conditioning load a quater so as to exert the effect of air conditioning and save energy.

Superb Climate Resistance

UPVC window raw materials add a blend of impact resitance agent and UV absorber which can make the materia weather- ability. UPVC profile can stand the wind, rain, sunshine, dry and moisture in 30o + 70o C, the profile colour will not turn yellow or fade after a few years of use.

Good Fire Retarancy

The UPVC profile are excellent flame retardant materials, not combustion-supporting or spontaneous combustion. it has a high performance of security.

Excellent Impact Resistance

Apply special impact resistance formula, the profiles can withstand the weight of 1 kg in - 10C, it is not broken in 1 m high free fall cold impact test.

Excelllent Water Tightness

The water absorption rate is less than 1% and meet the DIDN8055 stipulation, UPVC door and window designed with flashing board and drainage channel which can completely insulate rain from outside.

Maintance Free

UPVC profile is corrosion resisitant it will not be affected by ash and cement or turn yellow. just wipe the dirt gently with any detergent then it will become white and clean asd you just bought it.

Good Security

UPVC profile have a fine metal configuration with glazing stop bar inside which makes burglar naiul-biting.

Scientific Design

With energy saving materials and scientific design UPVC window and door can make either traditional and modern building more glorious and splendid

Architect’s advice

UPVC door and windows are well deserved fourth generation product ! Use UPVC window, build high-end architecture.

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